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CSS Compressor Tool

The on this page provided tool is compressing a given stylesheet with a script implemented in JavaScript, which is working with various regular expressions for filtering the source-code of an existing style. In the form below you can directly enter an arbitrary stylesheet or you can use copy/paste to insert the content of an existing file. After clicking on „compress CSS”, the stylesheet-data from the input-field will be processed by the script. The result of the compression will be displayed in the lowermost textfield.

Below the input-field for the source stylesheet you see a couple of checkboxes, where you can switch on or off some options. To get the minimized stylesheet, you only have to mark the css-text – editing is not possible in this field – and copy it by the key sequence Strg+C. Under the output-textarea – and after starting the CSS compressor – you can see some statistics of the minimizing-precess (compressing-rate and the size of the uncompressed and the packed stylesheet).

Stylesheet source:

CSS compressor options:
filter comments
replace colors
delete empty rules
replace zero values
delete whitespaces
last semicolon
outline dimensions

Compressed CSS-Code

Stylesheet compressor statistics:
Compression ratio (uncompressed:compressed): -
Ratio: -

Notice, that there is no warranty for the correct work of this online-tool. You always should test the output of the packer-tool on a local copy of your website before you integrate the stylesheet in your productive webserver. If you notice any errors while using the tool, i would be pleased if you give me an appropriate acknowledgement.

At this time the aggregation of attributes that belong together – e.g. border-width, -color and style – is not supported by the stylesheet-compressor. Under certain circumstances with this strategy the resulting style-statements will be compressed a bit more, because the used attributes can be formulated with shortened expressions. This function may be implemented in a later version of this css-compressor.

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